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Falcon's Prey Is Live!

This dark read is now live and ready to be read on kindle. If you like a good romantic suspense I highly recommend!

Just click on the pic to read free on Kindle.

This is a dark romance, and when I say dark I do men dark, so if you need triggers this book is probably not for you.

I gave you the prologue last time. Here's chapter one. Ember

The asphalt crunched under my Giuseppe Zanotti heels as I made my way through the parking lot of the club. The line was long, which was expected because this was the hottest club in town. When people spotted me, they started pointing at me like I was some sort of zoo animal.

Hello? I was a fucking person. Just because my life was publicized, it didn’t mean they had to act like I was less than human.

I was taught from a young age to be unbreakable like a diamond. To withstand the pressure that came with my last name. Uncut and rough, but still shiny. I was used to the glitz, glamour, cameras, flashlights, and whispers. The taste of lies for breakfast and deceit for dinner was something I’d learned to acquire. I didn’t really trust anyone.

People were good at two things: fucking you and fucking you over. It was better to have fun in the meantime.

Once I made it to the front of the line, I flashed a smile to the bouncer. That was all it took for him to let me in, bypassing everyone who had been waiting for hours.

“That’s not fair!” some girl whined. “We’ve been here for an hour.”

I turned around, grinning at the girl while she glared at me. To drive the point home, I opened my Alexander Wang clutch and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. I lit my death stick, took a puff, and turned to her, blowing the smoke in her direction.

“It’s the way of the world, kid. Life. Is. Not. Fair.”

I walked in while the bouncer shook his head. I heard the girls call me a bitch, and without turning around, I stuck my middle finger out. Once inside the club, I made my way to the VIP section. I didn’t come here to make friends. I didn’t have any—life at the top was rather lonely. Perhaps stupid, but honestly, I didn’t care.

“What a surprise,” David said.

He’d been a bartender here for a while, and since I was a regular, he knew me pretty well. And by saying David knew me, I meant that he knew my moods and what kind of drink I preferred. He knew when I was wired, high, or just plain pissed at the world.

“Oh, cheer up, Davie. You know you’d miss me if I didn’t come.”

“Where’s your goon?” He smirked at me.

I grabbed some cashews from the tray nearby and threw a few in my mouth. “I ditched him.”

David made a face. “Is that wise?”

“I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.” I smiled at him. “Now, give me a tequila sunrise.”

As David went to work on my drink, I turned my head with the nagging feeling that I was being watched. It had been happening since that day I’d almost made the biggest mistake of my life, but I was sure I was just being paranoid. When I scanned the club and didn’t notice anything, I turned back to the bar. Of course people were looking at me; it came down to my name.


The next morning, I woke up feeling like I had a little person in my head doing renovations. I groaned and sat up. Fuck me. I’d forgotten to take my aspirin and water last night.

“Hey, Siri,” I shouted.

“Good morning, Ember. How may I assist you?”

The surround sound was to the max, and I shrieked. My head was sure to explode now.

“Text Dr. Wozniak.”

“What would you like to text him?”

“Come now, exclamation point, exclamation point.”

I waited while she repeated the text to me and then sent it. Dr. W would come with a banana bag, and I would feel so much better. I laid in the dark for a few more seconds, and then I got up, went to my nightstand, and blew out the white candle I’d lit before leaving the house last night: Angel de mi Guardia, my guardian angel candle that I got from a little Mexican flower shop every time I went. The lady said it was for protection. Angels didn’t play where demons went to prey, but that was just my opinion. Still, like clockwork, I kept going back for more candles. Before I left my room, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I was still in last night’s barely-there dress and makeup.

“Oh good, you’re up,” came Sammy’s, my dad’s head of security, cheery voice as I made my way down the stairs of my three-floor penthouse.

I loved Sammy. When I was young, he’d been my bodyguard. He’d taken care of me, and when I went through my rebellious stage, he hadn’t judged me. He still didn’t. Sammy was the best, and my father knew it, since he’d made him head of the whole family’s safety. The bad thing about that was, when he’d made Sammy head of security, he’d taken him away from me.

“Barely. Is Dr. W here?”

“Not yet. Come here, kiddo,” he said.

I rolled my eyes but followed the sound of his voice to the kitchen.

“I’m sorry about yesterday, but as you can see, I’m safe and in one piece,” I said to him as he came into view.

Sammy gave me a disapproving head shake and took a sip of his coffee. “Well, he’s fired.”

I sat on the stool of my breakfast bar and scrunched my nose when my maid, Karen, put food in front of me.

“Ewww, take that away,” I groaned.

She immediately did as I asked.

“Sorry, I guess. I mean, it’s like, he should have known I would ditch him,” I told Sammy.

“Your safety, Ember, is no laughing matter.”

“I’m safe and sound. No harm, no foul.”

Sammy ignored me and motioned for someone to come in.

“Don’t tell me you got another poor schmuck to watch over me already?”

Sammy gave me a you should know better look.

“Ember, meet Ren Falcon. Falcon, meet your worst nightmare.”

I didn’t have the energy to turn around, but I did it anyway.

Fuck. Me. Sideways.

I’d had good-looking bodyguards before. I’d let them guard my body real well, if you know what I’m saying, but none of them looked like the man in front of me. For one, he was not in a suit. I let my eyes trail up from his black combat boots, to his dark jeans, gray V-neck, and leather jacket. His chest looked hard and defined, and from what I could see of his arms, they weren’t too shabby either.

He had a lovely neck, not too thick or thin. I wasn’t one to stare at throats, but then he swallowed and his Adam’s apple bobbed, and don’t ask me why, but I thought it was hot. He had a full beard, neatly trimmed. Blond. I’d never had a thing for blond guys—until now. His hair wasn’t too short, but not too long, and was slicked back without looking greasy or grimy. It just looked…hot. His face was hard and rugged. Even though his jaw was covered in facial hair, I could still see how sharp it was.

Once my eyes made contact with his, I forgot to breathe for a quick second. Either that or I still had junk in my system and was about to OD. He had gorgeous blue eyes, like the sky with no clouds. I quickly averted my eyes from him without registering the look he was giving me.

I gave him another glance. My new bodyguard was the definition of masculine beauty, and he was looking at me like he hated me.

“He’ll be gone by the end of the month.” I turned around to Sammy, dismissing my new security.

Sammy shook his head. “I hope not.”

Just then, my bell rang and in came Dr. W.

“Finally! I felt like I was about to diiiiiiie,” I told Dr. W, aware that Sammy and Ren were looking at me. I got up from my stool, waltzed to my couch, and extended my right arm for the good doctor.

“You would feel much better if we didn’t do this every other day, Miss Remington.”

“Look, I pay you, you come, and it’s a win-win for both of us.”

Dr. Wozniak didn’t say anything more. We’d had this argument loads of times before. It was a moot point.

“I’ll see you later, kiddo,” Sam told me.

I turned my head as he gave my new guard an I’ll be watching you sign.

When Dr. W was getting ready to put the needle in my arm, I turned around. I hated to watch the needle pierce my skin. It reminded me that no matter how thick my skin was, it was still easily ripped.

“You know the drill,” my doctor mumbled, and then he left.

I stood there for five minutes, my body soaking up the nutrients I was getting from my bag. The controller for the television was across the room, so I did what I’d always done and started to push people’s buttons.

“Hey, new guy,” I called out.

I didn’t turn to look at him but knew he was still standing in the same spot he had been earlier, right by the door. I had one of the penthouse suites in my building. The only escape was the elevator door.

“Did you need something, Miss Remington?” he said in a hoarse, sexy voice.

Even though the sound of his voice was a sex phone call jackpot, I could still hear his disdain for me.

He didn’t like me.

“The controller is right over there.” I smiled brightly at him and even helped him out by pointing to exactly where it was.

His jaw got hard again, and his eyes looked like it was going to storm. They got dark and, frankly, a little scary, yet he did as I asked.

“Thank you.” I took the controller from him. “Now take a seat. We have to lay down a few ground rules.”

He gave me a tense nod and sat across from me. His legs spread, and looking at that did something funny to me. His elbows came to his knees, his undivided attention on me.

“Speak,” he grunted.

“Karen!” I shouted for my maid, and she came running.

I didn’t know why she did that. I wasn’t a bitch to her.

“Yes, miss?”

“Can I have some oatmeal?”

“Of course. I’ll have it ready for you shortly.”

I dismissed her with a nod.

“Do you get off on it?”

“What?” I turned to look at Ren, and again, I found it hard to look him in the eye.

“To have people cater to your every whim?”

I smiled at him. “It actually takes me a bit to get off.”

Ren gave me a disgusted look. “Listen, darling, I’m here to protect your body and nothing more. I’m not your maid. Next time you want something, get off your ass.”

“Wow,” I said in amusement. “The help has jokes.” Then I got serious. “You are nothing. You got hired to protect me because, unlike you, I am somebody. So let this be the last time you speak to me like you and I are on the same level.”

My headache was still there, and this asshole was making it worse. The damn bag in my hand was making its way through my system painfully slowly.

“Don’t bite off the hand that feeds you.”

He sneered at me. “Listen, diamond princess. Your daddy signs my checks, not you.”

“Out. Of. My. Sight.”

“With pleasure.” He rose to his feet and left me alone.

For the first time, there was someone who didn’t drop to their knees for my so-called beauty.

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