Hello there...

If you are reading this then I feel so loved right now. LOL. Real talk. 

Now That my book baby is out in the wids I have sent The Way Back Home to my editor. 

Also while I try to finish book #2 in the next two weeks. 

Fun Fact: I had never planned on writing a Dex and Emma a story. Their love was going to play out in book 2 but some of my critic partners wouldn't have it. I set out to write a cute like 5k novella and send it to my subscribers and those 5k turned into 43k.  

Emma and Dex are a complete 180 from Freya and Max and I had fun writing them. 
I will update this once a week in case someone out there is interested in what I'm doing. 

Feel free to shoot me an email if you don't do social media :)