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Small Town Romance

If you read Home at Last, you met Astrid and Ty, who will carry us to a new small-town trilogy, The Kane Brothers.

Every Broken Promise was previously labeled The Best Friend Pact.


“It’s about damn time, EZ!” I yelled as he opened the door to the tow truck.

Except the person who got off wasn’t Ezekiel Kane. He moved towards me without looking up from his phone.

Please let it be Adam.

I don’t know who I was praying for, but with the unease in my stomach and the way my nerves seemed to go haywire, I knew it wasn’t Adam either.


I immediately stood straight as if I was ready for battle.

Tyler Kane was walking towards me. It had been Four years and three months, give or take, since I had last seen him.

Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors

Black Bird

Will be the final book in the Dance of the Dead series. Full blurb to come this spring! 


Maybe I was a little insane.

The way I believed in all that had never been said.

I searched between the lines and found things to make me feel alive.


At the time, it was all I had to protect myself from my own mind.

So go ahead and call me names.

While I was madness, he was a sin. 

I was his blackbird.

While he was the devil.

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