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Small Town Romance

If you read Home at Last, you met Astrid and Ty, who will carry us to a new small-town trilogy, The Kane Brothers.

Every Broken Promise was previously labeled The Best Friend Pact.


Returning to the small town where she’d been vilified as a teen, Astrid Hart was unhappy, yet determined to make it work.

Stepping on a few toes while doing her new job at the local newspaper? Not a problem. Handling her old classmates who still held a grudge against her? No issues. But seeing Tyler Kane’s face again? That was a different story.

Now that they were both together again in the same small town, avoiding her once-best friend was no longer an option. Even worse, he’d integrated himself into the life she’d left behind, not to mention her family adored him.

Astrid couldn’t let go of the grudge she still harbored against Tyler. While she’d always been there for him, on the night she needed him the most he hadn’t been there for her.

She had fallen for her best friend while he had her firmly in the friend zone during their childhood.

And even though it seemed he might be starting to feel the same way, all she could think about was that Tyler Kane had broken every promise he had ever made.

Black Bird

Will be the final book in the Dance of the Dead series. Full blurb to come this Summer! 

Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors.

I lived my life with shadows all around me.
Patiently waiting for the moment they came back to claim me.

I ran.
And I hid.
But my sins always caught up to me.

I might have left la sala degli specchi,

but its reflection still haunted me.

Then, one day, I met him.
Dante Romano.

He was everything I had been waiting for.
A chance to prove what I was made for.

He was no hero.
And I was no angel.

Dante was looking for a white swan, and instead got a raven.
He wanted vengeance, and I sought redemption.

The game was the same, but the rules had now changed.

In this new dance of the dead, who would be crowned in the end?

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