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Welcome to Crull Manor, Where the lies are served for dinner, betrayal for dessert, and revenge is always a dish best served cold.

My name is Finley Primrose, heir to a corrupt empire. I am a princess amongst thieves, but you see, fairytales are never as they seem.

I fell in love with Nashton Crull when I was a little girl but was promised to his brother. I loved them both but not in the same way.

None of that mattered, not when our families were going to war, so I was forced to return to a place I once called home.

The only problem? I am now trapped in the manor with all the boys. Someone wants to kill us, and I’m pretty sure more than one heart will be broken.

We live in the shadows. We are your nightmares. You fuck with one of us, we’ll fuck you back stronger. There’s no easy way out once you’re a death disciple.

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