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Theodore Lyons was waiting.

Waiting for his senior year to end.

Waiting for his father to give him the freedom he desperately craved.

And waiting for Salvadore Zinnetti to tell him exactly what the hell he wanted from him.

If he had one guess, it would be revenge.

It would have been easy to ignore him and keep on waiting, except for the fact that he needed Salvadore as much as Salvadore claimed to need him.

If they were to be allies, then they would need to trust one another.

Easier said than done when Salvadore seemed to hate him.

And these lies of omission were a sure way to get them both killed.

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Hi, I'm Claudia Lymari, aka C. Lymari, and I'm so glad you are here.


If you read that last bit and immediately thought of the cute Koroks, hello, my fellow Zelda lover!  

I like to write dark & twisted romance as well as small-town and all up-in-your-feels kinds of romance. Sometimes all in between. One thing all my books have in common is that they are HEA, and our heroines are sassy and strong. 

If you want to know more just click here. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email, comment, or DM. I love talking to my readers. 



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