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Put a finger down if...
-You almost got run over by a car the day you find out about your father’s other family.
-You get saved by the most obnoxious boy in town and convince yourself he is now your white knight in shining armor.
Naturally, you think you are in love with him. The only problem? You’re twelve, and he’s twenty, but he’s too kind to tell you otherwise.
-You continue to throw yourself at him until he puts his foot down once you get older.
So you move on with your life, and when your family relocates, you are happy to be gone and not have to be the girl that stalked him anymore.
-Almost a decade later, you cause a riot at a strip club, break his best friend’s nose, and get arrested.
That teenager you once fell in love with is now a man, and as you sit across from him and he interrogates you, you realize he doesn’t remember who you are…

All Roads Lead Home is a novella, meaning not a full novel. The other books in the series need to be read prior to reading this story for maximum reader experience.

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