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Put a finger down if...
-On the day you got the keys to your dream shop, you came across the most gorgeous man. The only problem? He’s with the town's mean princess.
-That gorgeous guy hit on you, so you insulted him.
-A few days passed, and you bumped into that gorgeous guy again. This time, he was persistent.
-You continued to insult him, only for him to inform you that the mean girl was not his girlfriend, but his cousin.
-So you apologized, and he kept trying to take you on a date. The problem now? He's not in town for long.
-Still, you gave in and got all dressed up to go on a date…except he never showed, and everyone knows he stood you up.
Now, two years later, he comes back, and he’s changed. But one thing is clear: he still wants you. And worst of all, he acts as if nothing ever happened…

This is a 45k Novella part of the Homecoming Series. Although, The Way Back Home can be read as a stand-alone reading is enhanced when reading the series in order.

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